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Ever wondered how some swimmers can swim forever without getting tired?

If you speak to marathon swimmers and ultra long distance swimmers they all describe a state when they can just keep swimming forever as if rolling on a bicycle with the wind behind. This state must be a mix of physical programming and smooth stroke combined with mental toughness and resilience.  When it happens, when you get into a flow state it feels magical. Its got many names but I prefer to call it infinity pace.

I don’t think you can chase infinity pace directly, but I believe if you cultivate each of the the foundations then it will happen on its own, and with time and practice can almost be switched on.  In no time you can learn how to swim longer without getting tired.

Top tennis players don’t think about the stroke, they think about where the ball is going to land, they think about winning the shot, winning the match. Marathon swimmers can benefit from a similar mental approach, thinking about 10,000 strokes is overwhelming but thinking about gliding forwards, thinking about getting to the finish line are empowering.


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