What to wear under a wetsuit for open water swimming

//What to wear under a wetsuit for open water swimming

Nothing! If you want to be more comfortable then its time to ditch the boarshorts or the speedos, and go swimming in nothing but rubber.

For some wearing extra clothes under a wetsuit is a necessity. For triathetes being ready to get on the bike and have a fast T1 transition mean swimming in just the wetsuit isn’t a luxury they can afford. But if your an open water swimmer, or a triathlete just going for a training swim then there really is no excuse.

Some may wear speedos or a swimsuit underneath for ease getting changed, but if your treat yourself to a changing robe┬áthen this really isn’t necessary and you”ll be a lot warmer getting changed.

Its difficult to think of a reason why to wear anything under an open water swimming wetsuit. If you’ve got a super tight and well sealed wetsuit then there is a chance when you jump in the wetsuit may shrink wrap between the nether regions (especially for men!) letting in a little bijt of water will resolve this, but wearing speedos wont make this any better.

Finally rash vests aren’t designed to be worn under a wetsuit, better to just wear the wetsuit with a good anti chafe or wetsuit lube.

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